Window Cleaning: How Much Would it Cost?


Windows is one of the most integral parts of every household. This is due to the fact that with windows, you can easily look outside. The thing about windows is that they can get rather dirty and quick. The thing about getting a dirty window is that the dirt will most of the time be extremely thick in its outside pane rather than the inside pane. And the worst part about this is that it is also not fun to clean windows as well. Another factor that can make window cleaning a pain is that if we have a two story or much taller house, which can make your window cleaning not only difficult but also really dangerous as well. That is why it is sometimes a relatively good idea for us to simply just hire for a professional window cleaner instead of doing it on our own.

The important thing about hiring a professional window cleaner is that they should have the knowledge and experience to clean any window surfaces, and they would also have the right tools and materials needed to properly clean them as well. There are some windows that can also be quite delicate as well, and would easily crumble while exerted with little physical force, hence most professional window cleaners would surely have the knowledge to avoid doing them improperly. But most home owners all over the world would generally avoid in hiring professional window cleaners due to the fact that they think it can get rather expensive to do so. That is why in this article we will try to show you how much the average cost of a professional window cleaning service at would be.

First of all, most professional window cleaner at would generally charge per pane, but there are several variables that can ideally affect that final service cost. Common window cleaning would cost about $1 to $3 per pane, depending on its size, and an ordinary double hung window would ideally consist of two panes to get the idea. There are also some companies that would charge an hourly rate as well, which can generally average to $15 to $30 per window cleaner.

One variable that can highly affect the final price is the materials that they have used, since there would come a point where they are needed to use modernized devices to clean your windows with also the usage of high quality cleaning solutions as well. This is mostly being applied to windows that are significantly dirty and would require for the use of tools and equipment. To learn more about cleaning, visit this website at


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